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Your 90-min Detox Summer Body Guide

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There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s officially Summer here in Dubai. Many of us have been hibernating for a while with the long winter break but if you want a guide to get that stellar bikini bod in check for Summer, I’ve just experienced a 90-min detox treatment that will help get you there.

Sensasia SpaI visited the Sensasia Spa at the Village Mall, Jumeirah, to try out their new detox treatment, The Full Monty, and as I stepped inside their relaxation lounge, a wave of tranquility flowed towards my body. Dubai is not short of spas but Sensasia spas take serenity, peacefulness and comfort to another level.

When most of us think about DETOX, we associate the whole process with diets and cleansing juices. But before those methods can achieve their maximum results, we need to physically get our bodies in sync with the cleansing process. The best way to do so is by having circulatory massages that work the lymphatic system. Our bodies are covered in toxins and when certain kinds of pressure are applied to the body, these toxins are basically pushed out of their mini caves and the body is then able to flush them out easier.

The Full Monty detox treatment uses MIO skincare, famously known for their pregnancy line, and the 90-min detox treatment focuses on problem areas like inner thighs, upper arms, those jelly belly rolls and even the chest. My masseuse, Jenny, eased my body into the treatment by giving my feet a little wash down and described how the detox treatment would be carried out for the next 90-mins. She asked me what my trouble areas were and I let her know that I was concerned with my triceps (damn chicken flaps) and my belly especially after having a C-section with my daughter two years back.

As I laid on the massage table, Jenny started off by gently exfoliating all my dead skin cells with a body brush and followed it by applying an algae mask with Guarana caffeine extract. It’s possible to feel a slight tingling sensation once the masque is applied, which is completely normal. It just means that the caffeine extracts are trying to get rid off those unwanted fats.

Once my body was completely covered in the mineral rich algae mask, Jenny then started to wrap my body in sections. She started with my legs, moving upwards to my belly and then my arms with algae sheets to speed up the detoxifying process. The wrapping process helps to heat up those juicy fats that stubbornly insist on taking permanent residence within our skin cells, and I wanted them out !

Detox treatment Dubai

I had to lay all wrapped up for about 15-20mins. I can’t exactly remember for how long as I was beginning to snooze at this point because I was just so relaxed. I was desperately trying to fight my sleep as I really wanted to experience the massage. Finally, Jenny mixed a concoction of oils such as Jojoba Seed and Sweet Almond Oil to help activate the circulation.

Detox treatment Dubai

I must’ve let out a little snore at least once when she started the massage. I never could’ve imagined that detoxifying could actually be this refreshing or relaxing. I was informed by Jenny that it would be completely normal to feel the urge to use the bathroom more than usual for the next couple of days and was recommended to stock up on fluids.

I did feel lighter over the next couple of days, and as a whole my body just felt rejuvenated ! My skin even felt healthier and more flushed. I do, however, feel that a single treatment just isn’t enough. For The Full Monty experience to really get into full swing, I’d recommend to have it at least thrice a month and then take it from there, depending on how you feel. Everyone’s body reacts differently to various products and treatments so it’s important to keep an open mind. Personally, I just loved how my body felt internally. I felt cleaner and lighter on the toes. I must add that while I did The Full Monty, I was also on detox teas and was carefully watching over my carbs. What you put into your body is equally as important so what you do with it.

If you’re ready to get into those bikinis, The Full Monty is now specially priced at 699AED, instead of the usual 750AED,  throughout the month of May.  To make a booking, you can contact Sensasia Spas on



*This is not a sponsored post. I was given a free trial for this session. However, all opinions expressed are mine completely.




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