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All You Need Is HONEY

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All You Need is Honey


I’ve been doing some research on skincare and stumbled across some amazing tips on keeping your skin clear, younger, and smoother, and it all leads to one special product – HONEY !!! Well, not the processed kind you find at your regular supermarkets, this has to be raw or unpasteurized honey, so I’d go to my local souq or organic store to find these.
For those that didn’t know, you can actually use honey as a facial cleanser ! You don’t really need much, just half a teaspoon of honey. Start by warming it up on your fingers and if you find it too thick just add a few drops of water to thin the consistency out. Gently spread it all over your face and use warm water to rinse it off. Pat and dry. Just make sure you have a bare face of makeup. This isn’t meant to clean your makeup off, but more as a skincare regimen that you could do a few times a week.
1. It can instantly remove impurities and dirt without stripping your own natural layer of oils.
2. Helps reduce breakouts and even acne.
3. It’s so gentle and natural that it even benefits skin conditions that are sensitive and have eczema and rosacea.
4. It helps balance oily skin and can still moisturize dry skin. So it’s great for those with dehydrated skin !
You can also use honey to remove blackheads ! Just cut a lemon into half and add a few drops of honey. Gently rub the lemon all over your face but focus on areas like the nose and it’s sides, chin and even the forehead if needed. Leave the honey/lemony mixture on your face for about 5mins and then wash off with cold water. Your face will instantly look refreshed and clearer.
Honey isn’t just amazing for the skin, it works just as great for your hair as well. It prevents dandruff and restore’s your hair shine, and also improves texture and thickness.
Here’s a recipe to a great Hair mask that you could use once a week – Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask:
2 parts coconut oil (melted)
2 parts honey
1 part Apple Cider Vinegar
Add all three items into a microwaveable jar. These items will generally separate in a jar, so before you use this on your hair, heat it up in a microwave for a few seconds, till your able to mix them all in. Apply to your hair from the roots to tips and leave it on for 30mins. Wash thoroughly with warm water.
Please share any tips or experiences using honey as your skincare and hair regimen. I’d love to know if you’ve noticed a change or difference !
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