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Bobbi Brown Pink Glow Highlighter

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Bobbi Brown recently recently launched 2 Limited Edition highlighters as part of their holiday collection: Pink Glow and Bronze Glow.

Bobbi Brown Pink Glow highlighter

Bobbi Brown Pink Glow highlighter


I managed to get my hands on the Pink Glow highlighter and I was super thrilled playing around with this. I usually stick to bronze or gold highlighters. Most pink highlighters I find end up looking very pearly white on the skin, which on most Asian/Arab/Hispanic skintones, just make you look quite washed out so I usually stay far far away from them.

The Pink Glow Bobbi Brown highlighter is definitely an exception.

This highlighter is not overly pigmented so it does come over quite smooth on the skin. It’s great for giving you that ‘plastic’ look to your skin, making you look quite doll like. I loved it so much I even used it on the eyes.

Bobbi Brown - Pink Glow Highlighter

Bobbi Brown – Pink Glow Highlighter



As you can see its a mix of a softer pearly white in the centre and almost like an ombre it goes deeper in the corners. When you swirl it with a powder brush it has just the right amount of ‘pearliness’ deposited on the skin, so it really makes your skin look naturally flushed.

A def must keep in my makeup collection ! It’s great to use in the inner corners of your eyes and around your face for highlight ! To me, this is an all-purpose highlighter and can literally be used anywhere !


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