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Body Essentials with L’Occitane

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Body Essentials with L’Occitane

Body Essentials with L'Occitane

Summer heat in Dubai is on a full time high right now, and there’s nothing worse than parched, ashy and dry skin.Luckily that doesn’t have to be the case for us.

I was going through my bathroom drawers and totally forgot that I had these heavenly goodies from L’Occitane lying around.  Felt like Eid when I was taking them out of their boxes !

I discovered L’Occitane about 7 years back when I used some of their soaps when I stayed at a hotel during one of my travels. The hotel carried their mini shower gels, shampoo & conditioner and body lotions. That was my first introduction to L’Occitane and since then I’ve been an avid fan of their products.

Well today during my shower I used the Almond Delicious Paste and then finished off with the Almond Milk concentrate.

When I opened them both up to take a sniff, I was taken back by their refreshing and calming scent. I’m really not into anything that smells overly floral or sweet, so these were just perfect for me.

There’s a reason why I’ve always loved L’Occitane products. They smell great, they feel even better on your skin, and best of all you actually get to see the results once you make them part of your routine.

I’ve had some sunburn on my shoulders and really wanted to exfoliate my skin and get rid of all that unwanted peeling and the Almond Delicious Paste was just the remedy that my body needed. There’s a reason why it’s called a paste, it has a very creamy texture, so be very partial when applying this on your body. There are fine granules of crushed almond shells and sugar crystals, and these act as a great exfoliating agent. I managed to get most of peeling off of my back and my entire bathroom just smelt like a spa.

I topped it off with lathering my skin with the Almond Milk Concentrate, and honestly I felt like I just had a session at the spa.My skin can get overly dry and the Almond Milk Concentrate absorbed instantly. Best part is that it moisturized my skin without leaving it greasy ! These 2 magic tubs are about 7oz of of magical wonder, and they’re bound to last you a while. I’ve just started using the Almond Milk Concentrate so I can’t vouch for the firming claim, but for right now, it made my skin completely smooth.

Body Essentials with L'Occitane

L to R

Concentrate De Lait Almond Milk

Delicious Paste 

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