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It’s All About that Base – BB cream

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For some reason I’ve been off BB creams for a while. I’ve used quite a few from Bobbi Brown all the way to Maybelline and although I initially liked them in the beginning, I eventually found myself using less and less of them through my makeup applications. A few days ago I was at my local supermarket and saw the Garnier range staring back at me and I said ‘ why not?’

I bought the BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector for Combination/Oily skin in Medium (long tube ) and the Pure Active Anti-Imperfections in Medium(short tube) to try out. I’ve heard quite a bit about the Garnier BB creams but I have never tried them personally or on my clients.

It's All About that Base - BB cream

My sister found these lying on my dressing table, and like most sisters she tried them first ! She’s had a few acne episodes, her skin frequently breaks out and she’s got a really oily T-zone. Well a few hours later my phone started blasting with msgs from her on how amazing it felt on her skin, the color was just right, she hardly had to put any foundation on top, and she barely had to touch up during the day.

I tried the Miracle Skin Perfector on myself and yessss it’s amazing ! The Medium shade is great for most Asian/Arab/Latin skintones. It’s really lightweight but it almost has enough coverage of a foundation. I honestly didn’t even feel like I needed to go over with a foundation on top. I’ve tried BB creams from quite a few brands and the color tones are usually quite peachy or grey, but the Garnier BB creams are on another level !

I used the Anti-Imperfections in Medium on a client with Acneic skin with reddish patches and really big open pores and I was equally amazed as when I used it on myself. Her skin instantly looked smoother, the texture of the BB cream instantly softened the appearance of her skin and her pores had visibly reduced. Garnier BB Cream Review

As you can see from the swatches , the Pure Active Anti-Imperfections BB cream is quite thick in texture, so it’s best to apply just a few drops onto the skin and really blend it in.

Garnier BB cream Review


The Miracle Skin Perfector in Medium has a slightly runnier texture but it sets on the skin really fast so it instantly gives you a semi-matte finish.

Here they look look a lot warmer on my arms but once you blend them in with your fingers or a beauty sponge, they actually blend in to a very natural tone.

These are definitely staying in my makeup kit and I can totally see myself restocking these ! For all those BB lovers make sure you try these out ! I’m sure you’ll start chucking the others away.

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