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Get long, thick, beautiful lashes

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Okay, so its no surprise that I absolutely love homemade remedies.  I just find them so helpful and also so convenient.  Whenever I come across a new remedy, I just have to try it straight away. Some of them really work better than store bought products.  Call me old school, but my grandma is living proof that home made remedies, especially for your skin can make you look and feel younger and more beautiful.

A few years ago I decided to get eyelash extensions, which looked really amazing.  I asked the girl that was doing them for me if they would make my own lashes fall off or damage them. She said “No, it doesn’t affect your lashes at all” and she actually told me to keep coming back every 2 weeks to get a touch up as some of them might fall off naturally.  I thought it was too good to be true, great looking lashes that stay on for a good 2 weeks at a time…WOW!! I was really excited and so in loveeee with them. After keeping them on for about only a month, I decided to give my eyes a break and take them off.

OMG! I was in SHOCK!!! More than half  my lashes were gone, broken, and brittle. I was so upset that I had caused so much damage to my eyelashes. Was that one month of long thick lashes worth it??? HELL NO!! I swore to never ever do them again, no matter how bad my lashes looked.

It took me a long time to get my lashes back to their old self again, and let me tell you, it was not easy. I tried sooo many things, but NOTHING was working. I was determined to get my lashes back and boy did I ever.  I call this remedy a true miracle, and anyone who knows me, knows how well it worked. I will forever be thankful for my aunt who told me about this trick and have since shared it with all my friends who absolutely love it as well.

INSTRUCTIONS: (try using an old mascara container, clean it out and mix the ingredients inside)

1/4 castor oil, 1/2 vitamin E oil, 1/4 aloe vera gel. Mix together as well as you can with your mascara wand, and apply a light layer to lashes every night before bed. Castor oil thickens your lashes while aloe vera gel lengthens. Vitamin E accelerates length. After one month, you’ll notice stronger, longer, more beautiful eyelashes.

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