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Getting ready for the ‘Big’ day

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Wedding season is upon us and if your big day is approaching soon, it’s essential that you start taking care of your skin and beauty regime asap. I know that with all the wedding madness, sometimes your skin is the last thing that’s on your mind. But all the stress of  running around for your big day could actually cause a lot of stress on your skin, and the last thing you need is an outbreak on your face when you make your grand entrance.

Here is a mini guideline to get that beautiful ‘bridal’ glow :

Tips to beautiful skin
Once you’ve got your beauty regime started, you can also opt for additional quick fixes like Mesotherapy for the face. These are vitaminic injections to the face filled with skin nutrients that boost the skin texture, firmness and smoothness in a few days and the results can last for over a month depending on your skin type. I used to go to the K Medi Spa in Jumeirah for Mesotherapy, and had over 6 sessions with them in a span of 6 months. The therapist starts off with a mini facial and soft extraction of blackheads and white heads, and then starts with the mesotherapy procedure. The whole session takes around an hour and less and it’s fairly painless but if you have really sensitive skin, it might feel a bit pricky for the first few seconds. It has honestly done wonders to my skin especially with my hectic work schedule. I have personally worked with brides that had pre-mesotherapy sessions done, and their skin was absolutely flawless !!! An absolute must-do for an upcoming bride. If you don’t have 6 months, not too fret, even one session makes a difference, so if you do decide to go for mesotherapy, have your session booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
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