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H&M Fall Makeup Line hits UAE

posted by zsquaredxb November 1, 2015 0 comments

I stopped by H&M Dubai at Dubai Mall a few days back and spotted their new Winter Collection. Honestly, I love super drug brands but I’m always hesitant on trying makeup lines created by clothing retailers.This time though I decided to be a little adventurous and stocked up on 5 High Impact Eye shadows, 1 Pure Radiance Powder Blush and 1 Creamy lipstick.

Let me just say that I’m so glad I jumped out of my comfort zone and bought these eyeshadows ! They are brilliant !

I’m a sucker for neutral eyeshadows so this review doesn’t have any of their brighter shades.

H&M Ginger Snap Eyeshadow

H&M Ginger Snap Eyeshadow

Ginger Snap –  is an amber bronze shade very similar to Amber Lights from MAC but this is a lot more brighter. This will def be in my bridal makeup kit for my Asian brides.

H&M Shitake eyeshadow

H&M eyeshadow Shitake

Shitake – is a creamy brownish grey eyeshadow. This is a lovely shade that will look great as a base for a soft smoky eye look.

H&M Over The Moon eyeshadow

H&M eyeshadow Over The Moon

Over The Moon –  Oh Gosh am I Over the moon with this mettalic Silver eyeshadow ! I’ve been looking for a bright metallic silver and this eyeshadow is beyond amazing.

H&M Gala Gown Eyeshadow

H&M Gala Eyeshadow Gown

Gala Gown – this is very similar to Shitake but more frosty in texture. This will look absolutely gorgeous at night as the deposit of bling looks really even and soft on the eyelids.

H&M Chin Chin Eyeshadow

H&M Eyeshadow Chin Chin

Chin Chin – has the same texture as Gala Gown but this has a soft beigey gold color payoff.

H&M Deep Brown Blush

H&M Blush Deep Brown

Deep Brown Blush – I got this particular shade because I wanted something really subtle for the day. This was probably the only disappointment in my shopping bag. I don’t know why it’s called deep brown, there’s nothing deep about it let alone brown ! There was hardly any color payoff. I wanted a blush that was natural but this was way, way too natural. This would be perfect for the ‘blush, no blush’ look.

H&M Cream Chestnut Lipstick

H&M Lipstick Cream Chestnut

Cream Chestnut –  this is from their Creamy lipstick collection. I love this shade ! This is a beautiful creamy mocha beige shade and is a total Kylie Jenner lip color for the day.

I wanted to get some of their matte lipstick shades but I could’t find any, so I’m not sure if they were just out of stock or unavailable here in the UAE.

Overall, I loved the eyeshadows. The pigmentation for the H&M eyeshadows are just as intense as it looks. I loved all the shades that I picked up. They’re perfect for this season and trends. I loved the fact they there wasn’t a lot of fall off especially with the frostier textures. They stayed on really well and even when I was playing with them, it took a while to clean them off of hands.

I still have to try their foundations and powders, but I definitely give the eye shadows 2 thumbs up. I wasn’t fond of the blush I picked up. Maybe the shade I got was just too light, so maybe, I’ll try one of their stronger shades next time.

The packaging is pretty basic but they still look good enough to be lurking around in your beauty bag. The makeup is pretty inexpensive as well, the eyeshadows are 49AED, the Blush was 69AED, and I threw away the lipstick box so I can’t remember what it came up to. I’ll definitely be going back to try out more of their makeup line so stay tuned for more updates !









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