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Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub

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Okay, so the key to great looking skin starts with exfoliating. Not only does it make your skin feel super smooth and soft, but it gives you an instant glow.  Exfoliating only takes a few minutes and its so easy to make yourself with ingredients you probably already have right in your own kitchen.  Want make up to go on smoothly and look amazing? The secret is to scrub off all those dead skin cells.

So how often should we exfoliate? Well it really depends on what skin type you have.   If you have delicate or sensitive skin, twice a week might be too much, you don’t want to dry out your skin. Personally, I have sensitive skin that tends to be dry so I only exfoliate once a week. However if you have oily skin you may want to exfoliate twice to accommodate a higher buildup of dead skin cells.

One of my all time favorite scrubs is one that I make at home is brown sugar, almond oil and honey.   It leaves my skin feeling so great and my foundation just melts into my skin. I’ve tried this scrub not only myself but my sisters and friends are also addicted!  

Its fast, its easy, and the best part is that its cheap.

Ingredients you need…

  • Half a cup of soft brown sugar – brown sugar is gentler than white sugar so it’s good even for sensitive skin.
  • Two teaspoons of honey – honey is naturally high in antioxidants and helps skin retain moisture.
  • Two teaspoons of almond oil – almond oil  contains vitamin E and is super moisturising on dry skin.

Mix all three ingredients together and gently rub in a circular motion starting from your forehead down. Do this for about a minute and than rinse your face with cold water to close up all your pores.

Ladies have fun trying this and let us know how it works for you 🙂

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