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Getting rid of all the clutter

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Sometimes organising your make-up can seem so daunting, and being the clutter bug that I am, I’m always trying to find new creative ways to de-clutter all my makeup.

So instead of huffing and puffing because you can’t find your fav eyeshadow or lipstick here are a few creative ideas that will simplify your make-up drawers.

make-up organiser

These are clear mini plastic boxes. Kitsch stores like Daiso in Lamcy Plaza, Oasis Centre and MCC will have loads of clear plastic containers that you can use to store your items seperately.

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These large divider boxes can easily be found in IKEA. Turn your lipsticks upside down so that you can see the shade # and name. It’ll save for time and you won’t have to open each lipstick to see what shade it is. Also, a great way for separating your blushes or eyeshadows, especially if you don’t have refills.


Totally love this. IKEA sells these clear vases usually for candles, I think. But these cocoa beans just add a nice touch, but you could always add colourful stones or rhinestones instead to bling up your brush holders. These will obviously hold your brushes in place and will make it easier to pick them and place them back when your applying your make-up.


These are steel pots that can also be found in IKEA. They’re usually found in the Kitchen department for utensils. This is just genius in my opinion. It just looks so cool, and having all your lipglasses in one place, turned upside down, where can you can actually see what your picking…no excuse to ever be late again !


If you don’t have much make-up lying around, this wooden storage divider, similar styles are sold in IKEA stores, is another great option. Using cups, or mini baskets add a nice cosy touch to your make-up drawers.


These little make-up trays have velcro stuck underneath so that every time you open your drawers, things won’t spill or move around ! You can def find these mini trays in Daiso.


I saved the best for last ! I totally love this idea. If you’re a make-up palette junkie like me, then woohooo….this totally rocked my boat ! Like, whoever thought about this is a friggin genius. Sometimes when you have your palettes stacked on top of each other, it’s just so frustrating to open them all up or take them out, but this…this is just heaven ! Obviously it helps to have some counter space, but you know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way !

Hope these ideas make your life a little less cluttered !

A few online options to look at are:

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