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Hydration fix with La Roche-Posay

posted by zsquaredxb September 9, 2015 0 comments

La Roche-Posay Dubai

I’m a complete sucker for french skincare products and I love finding La Roche-Posay products at the local pharmacies. It’s really strange but in the U.S it’s really hard to get a hold of french skincare lines, but lucky for us here in the UAE, they’re abundant in every major pharmacy like Ibn Sina, LIFE or Supercare.

I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase as my day moisturizer for over 2 years now. I do switch up between different brands but I keep going back to the Hydraphase. It says that it provides 24hrs of intense hydration and that’s fairly true. Even though I’m always chugging down on water or lathering myself with creams, my body is generally just super dry and this moisturizer helps to keep my skin in check. The texture is not overly thick or creamy, doesn’t leave an overly moist residue on top of the skin, yet it keeps my face hydrated throughout this never-ending heat spell. Unfortunately the Hydraphase does not have any SPF so if you’re out and about during the day, this may not be the product for you if you need protection against the sun.

The Hydraphase is Paraben free, which means it’s quite organic. Parabens are found in quite a lot of cosmetic and beauty products and are chemicals that have been known to imitate estrogen cells in the body. Parabens have been found to cause the possibility of  breast cancer and reproductive issues, so it’s definitely something to look into when you’re trying new products. I recently read a report that discussed how much chemicals our bodies absorb from all the beauty and makeup products we lather on ourselves and it really changed my perspective on how I go about with my beauty routine. Most of us are under the impression that “Hey if I wash or wipe this off my face, then I’m all good”, but that’s so far from the truth. We need to deep cleanse our face on the daily if we have too, particularly when we’re piling on makeup. I love using a Cleansing brush or roller to really get all the leftovers out of all my pores.

I also recently purchased the La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale “Thermal Spring Water” (65AED), also meant for sensitive skin, because well, who isn’t a sucker for facial mists ? It feels so cool and relaxing as you spritz it on, just try to give yourself at-least arm’s length distance, otherwise your face can look slightly soaked.

La Roche-Posay has their own thermal centre in France and Europe and the properties in the Eau Thermale are so soothing that you can use them on babies, sunburn, and even as a moisturizing spray before shaving ! The Thermal Spring Water is naturally rich in mineral salts so it also acts as a protector towards the skin.

There’s no rule to which you can apply first. I had originally applied the Hydraphase first and then sprayed the Eau Thermale, but I think I oversprayed and my face was slightly drenched! So it’s probably a safer bet to start with the Eau Thermale first, give it a few mins to let your skin absorb all its goodness and then finish off  by massaging the Hydraphase in.

Have you tried La Roche Posay products? If so, what’s your favorite ? Do you have any recommendations for super dry skin ? I’d love to hear your thoughts and reviews !





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