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Prep time with Karuna Hydrating Face Mask

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My latest beauty addition for my Bridal makeup appts is the Karuna Hydrating Face Mask.

When you open it up, it is literally dripping in moisture and it felt so cooling on my hands that I knew my bride would instantly be loving it up, and she did. She laid back on her chair while I placed this sheet of moisture heaven on her face for about 15mins. I won’t lie, I too wanted to sit there with her and tear a sheet mask for myself.

She told me how stressed she was running around as most brides do, finalizing all the minor details for her wedding, so this really gave her a sense of relaxation and calmness. The sheets are perfectly sized for the face and enriched with moisturizing agents such as glycerin. It also has flower extracts that do calm the skin so it’s a perfect remedy if you’ve had a long week and want to give your skin some much needed R&R.

Once our 15mins were up, I rubbed and massaged the mask sheet all over her neck as well. Ideally, the longer you leave the mask on, the better the results but we were already running short of time. Her skin felt and looked better. The Karuna Hydrating Sheet mask not only boosted my bride’s skin with the moisture she needed, but it also refreshed and calmed her skin down.

I did still moisturize her skin after with my all-time fav moisturizer, Embryolisse, because you do end up packing on concealers and powders on to the skin especially for bridal makeup.

I bought it at the Sephora NYC but you can also purchase these through Amazon. I believe they’re still not available in UAE Sephora stores so Amazon is your best bet.

Karuna Hydrating Face Mask

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