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KIKO Wet & Dry Eyeshadows

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A gf of mine was visiting Italy for a weeks so I naturally handed over my makeup list for KIKO 🙂 and needed a major restock on the Wet & Dry Eyeshadows. I absolutely looooove these shadows ! They’re good dry but when used wet, they just totally transform into a silky creamy texture of pure deliciousness on the eyelids. The great thing about these is that you really don’t need any kind of eye primer or base underneath. The consistency of these eyeshadows when used wet are ultra long-lasting. I usually apply them on wet, give them a few seconds to dry and then brush on the eyeshadow on top again to make the colors pop out more if needed.

KIKO Wet & Dry Eyeshadows


Here is a swatch review of the eyeshadows I got. The circular swatches are the wet eye shadows , and the rectangular swatches are the shadows used dry.

Reviews and Swatches of KIKO wet & Dry

These eyeshadows are quite strong on their own, but with a little bit of  water, they just instantly pop. My fav’s so far are def the #200 and #208. They are amazing bases that work with any color scheme and my personal favorites when working on my brides.

I do want to point out that over time these eyeshadows do tend to get quite soft and they have the tendency of breaking and splitting apart ! I was initially going to depot them and put them into one of my ZPalettes but after a month of using them and seeing them split, I decided against it. It’s best to keep them in their own packaging because once they break it’ll be hard to fix them back. You can use Isopropyl Alcohol to bind the eyeshadows together but it is quite annoying that they’re this sensitive.

Kiko Wet & dry eyeshadows breakingIf I could give KIKO cosmetics any feedback it would be to have a clear shell for their eyeshadow packaging. It’s quite frustrating to open up all the eyeshadows to find the one you’re looking for, particularly if you’re not used to their labeling system. Asides from that, the color payoff is great and they have a pretty amazing color selection as well.



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