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Lancôme L’Absolu Velours

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Lancome L’Absolu Velours Matte Lip

The Matte craze has been going on for quite a while, and Lancôme is no stranger in creating some of the most beautiful lipstick colors. My mom used to treat herself to a Lancôme lipstick whenever she could, and I still remember sneaking into her room to play with her stash of lipsticks. Best believe, she wasn’t very happy when she found out !

Lancome L'absolu Velours review

There’s a lot of sentiment when I try anything from Lancôme so when a girlfriend handed over 7 of the most lip smacking shades from L’Absolu Velours collection as a gift I was over the moon. These matte lip colors are super intense and pigmented. They glide on as a gloss but they have the strength and coverage of a lipstick in a velvet matte finish.


It’s best to apply the ‘doe foot’ applicator onto the centre of the mouth and then move from corner to corner. Since these are quite intense, you can try to sheer them down by just patting your fingers across the lip to spread them all over for a more natural finish. The Lancôme L’Absolu Velours are quite pigmented in nature so it’s best to give them a few minutes to settle into the lips before eating or drinking. This will also prevent them from feathering or bleeding. They’re extremely long lasting and I even had to scrub my lips for a few minutes to get all the lip stain off.


Lancome L'absolu Velours Swatches

L’Absolu Velours – #375 Velours De Framboise – is a bubble gum pink

L’Absolu Velours – #493 Velours De violine – is a deep plum

L’Absolu Velours – #373 Velours De Magenta – is a bright magenta

L’Absolu Velours – #197 Velours De Grenade – a burgundy red

L’Absolu Velours – #385 Velours De Pourpre och – a deep pink with a blue undertone

L’Absolu Velours – #193 Velours De Caprice – a bright blood red

L’Absolu Velours – #172 Velours D’Etincelle –  is an orangey red

These are perfect summer colors and hey if you live in the Middle East, it’s always Summer ! I totally give these Matte Lippies a thumbs up and a seal of approval for your makeup stash and kits ?

In the UAE, you can find Lancôme at all leading shopping malls, and they’re carried in Sephora, Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Paris Gallery and Areej outlets.



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