Lilly Ghalichi Makeup Tutorial 2

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This is the 2nd look that I did on the awesome Lilly Ghalichi, this is Bronze all the way !!! Lilly insisted I go waaaay darker but she’s got one of those faces that can totally take all that contouring and make it seem like she’s got on just a cinch of makeup.

Glowing Kissable Skin

Glowing Kissable Skin

Step by Step

Step by Step

For this look the makeup techniques are slightly more extreme than the 1st look I did on Ms. Ghalichi.

1. Always start by prepping the skin, not only does it help your makeup application to stay put through out the wee hours of the night but it can also dramatically affect the end result of your makeup look. I prepped the skin using Inglot’s Under Makeup Base and also spritzed Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray all over.

2. I then applied foundation that was about 2 shades darker on the skin. Lilly actually uses MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC44, however I’m not a huge fan of the Studio Fix Fluid as I find that it makes the skin quite cakey  after a few hours. Instead for this tutorial I used Illamasqua’s Skinbase. It has great coverage, looks extra smooth on the skin and has a soft dewy finish. Use a stipple brush to buff the foundation into the skin.

3. Now comes the contouring. As I mentioned earlier, Lilly wanted to look even darker, so I took contouring to another notch here. I used Richly Honed MAC PRO Sculpting Creme to contour her features, and used MAC NC15 Studio Finish Concealer underneath the eyes. Yesssss, I know…. extremely light, but that’s exactly how Lilly wanted it for this look. As you can see from the tutorial, the highlight is primarily concentrated in the under eye area for this look. Take a damp Beauty Blender or Beauty sponge and blend the under eye in a tapping motion. Do not try to over blend.

4. After working on the skin, I started to work on the eyes. This was a glammed up Feline flicked eye liner using Inglot’s Black Creme Liner. To set the eyeshadow I used Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Creme eyeshadow base in #8 which is a soft champagne colour. It really pops the eyelids and intensifies any eyeshadow applied on top. Naked 2 Palette was used on the eyes. Half Baked was applied on top of GA’s creme eyeshadow base, and I sparingly used Snakebite on the crease. We all know that Lilly loves her lashes, I used her own on the day but for this tutorial I used stacks of Red Cherry Lashes in #43, #523 and # 48. It’s amazing how fast lashes can totally transform and complete a look.

5. To give the cheek’s that soft dewy finish, I used a flat brush and applied Inglot’s AMC Face & Body Illuminator in Bronze just on the high planes of the cheeks. I then applied Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder in Banana underneath the eyes, on top of the eyebrows and on the upper lip and let it sit for about 5 mins or so. Using a big powder brush I softly dusted Inglot’s High Def Loose Powder in # 45 around her face. Using a damp Beauty sponge I gently pressed the powder into the skin in a tapping motion.

6. Eyebrows were filled in with Inglot’s Brow Powder in #562 and #567, and then brushed over with Benefit’s Speed Brow Gel.

7. NYX Pencil in Matte White was used inside the eyes to give it a soft pop.

8. MAC Stripdown Lip liner was used to outline the lips with Fresh Brew and Myth from MAC.

9. Spritz MAC Fix + all over for that dewy finish. I wanted to point out that I ran out of mine so I couldn’t add that to my makeover and you can totally tell that there’s a difference if you compare Lilly’s look with my tutorial.

The Final look

The Final look



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