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Lilly Ghalichi Makeup Tutorial – Look 1

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So here it is, I finally managed to get everything together and here is the breakdown for the 1st makeup look that I did for Lilly Ghalichi. I’ve had tons of requests so I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible when it comes to technique and product usage.


Working on Lilly ghalichi

Working on Lilly ghalichi

Working on Lilly ghalichi - Step by Step

Step by Step


1. Prep & Prime the skin- I used Embryolisse Moisturiser all over to keep the skin extra smooth, and I also conditioned the lips using Vaseline. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer was used on top.

2. Hightlighting – I used Graftobian’s Hi-Def Glamour Creme Super Palette in Warm. I went almost 3 shades lighter than her actual skin tone to highlight her features. I focused on the middle of the nose, around the mouth, the under-eye area, and most importantly I used it under the cheekbone.

3. Contouring – Using the same Palette, I went at least 5/6 shades darker to contour the face. The areas on the face that were contoured were; sides of the nose, the temple, the cheeks and lower chin.

4. I used Illamasqua FDT that was just one shade darker than the actual skin tone in between the gaps of the Highlight and Contour. Using the Real Techniques Stipple brush I softly blended it out. I used 2 stipple brushes just so that I didn’t overblend the highlight and contour. I used one stipple brush to blend the highlight into the skin, and a 2nd one to blend in the contour.

5. Setting the powder – I used Inglot’s Translucent Loose Powder #217 underneath the eyes and on all highlighted areas of the face, and I left it on the face to set for a few minutes. I then took a damp Beauty Sponge and softly pushed the loose powder into the skin in a tap motion. I also used Inglot’s High Def Loose Powder in #45 around the sides of the face and cheeks.

6. Bringing out the Contour – I love the shade of Inglot’s Pressed Powder in #60 and used that to go over on all the areas I contoured on with Real Techniques Setting Brush.

7. Eyebrows – Using a Large Angled eye brow Brush I filled in the eyebrows using 2 shades of MUFE Aqua Brow in Light Brown and Dark Brown.

8. Eyes – Inglot’s Eye Makeup Base in #01 was used all over the eyes. The Pearly Champagne colour all over the eyelid was Inglot’s Loose pigment in #39 applied with a flat #242 MAC brush. The crease was defined using Saddle from MAC. Underneath the eye, I used MAC’s Dipdown Gel eyeliner and smudged it with Inglot’s eyeshadow in # 376.¬†was used inside the eyes.

9. Lashes – Lilly’s look is ALLLLLLL about the lashes and contouring. Her eye makeup look barely took 15mins to work on. I spent time layering lashes. We used her set of Lilly Lashes on the actual day, but I also mixed in Red Cherry Lashes. So here for the Tutorial, I used RED Cherry lashes in #213, #523 and I filled the gaps with Medium Individual lashes. I used MAX Factor’s False effect mascara just underneath the lashes to bind them together. Do not overcoat the lashes with mascara otherwise it will look too clumpy.

10. Lips – I didn’t use a lip liner, instead I mixed Inglot’s Lipstick in #61 with C-thru Lipglass from MAC.


Working on Lilly ghalichi - The final look

The final look

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