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Lipstick Haul with Prestige Cosmetics

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I was recently at the Centrepoint opp BurJuman centre looking for a car seat for my 1 yr old. After 40mins of trying to figure out what to pick, I walked around and ‘stumbled’ upon the cosmetics section. They’ve got most major Drugstore brands like MAX FACTOR, Maybelline, NYX etc. I usually just attack the NYX counter and walk away, but this time round I wanted to try something new and saw the PRESTIGE counter. I have actually never tried their products but WOW, I fell in love with their MATT lipsticks ! They’re priced quite average and plus there was a sale. Woohoo ! Who doesn’t love a bargain on a bargain ???Prestige Makeup Haul

I bought 5 lipstick shades in :

106 – a creamy matte coral

115 – a neon pink – so lush !

108 – a intense Reddish Orange – quite similar to LADY DANGER from M.A.C but it’s more red than orange

113 –  a Brick Plum – a dupe of M.A.C Cosmo

111 – I saved the best for last – this is a deep burgundy which honestly compared to DIVA from M.A.C – it’s so hard to tell them apart !

The lipsticks are intense in texture and very long lasting. I liked the fact that even though they’re considered as Matte lipsticks, they don’t over dry your lipsticks like most matte shades.

Prestige Lipstick swatches


I also got 2 Lip Pencils:

LW 50 Geranium – this is a great compliment to the 113 Matt Lipstick – another dupe to Pink Treat by M.A.C

LW 27 Plum – this is an intense currant shade – very close to PLUM from M.A.C but about 2 shades darker

I’ve been looking for a good matte Bronzer and I’m so glad I picked this one out. I got the Bronzing Powder in Glow and it’s a soft matte golden bronze that is just the right shade of bronze ! If I could compare this to any other bronzer it’s quite close to the Guerlain Terracotta #1 at a quarter of the price.

You can find Prestige cosmetics in all Beauty Bay and CentrePoint stores in the UAE.

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