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M.A.C Masterclass on Iconic Makeup with Pablo Rodriguez Look 1

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M.A.C Senior Artist for Ireland & UK, Pablo Rodriguez, was in Dubai for DIFF 2012. He presented 2 different iconic looks.

The 1st look was based on the sexier, sultry style icons such as Sophia Loren and Angelina Jolie. The drama and focus was all in the eyes.



1.He first prepped the skin by misting the model all over with Studio Fix mist spray to hydrate her skin.

2. For the face, he used various shades of Studio Sculpt FDT to get her right skin tone. He also advised layering the foundation as the Studio Sculpt FDT is gel based, and after a certain amount of time you won’t be able to blend it effectively.

3. Painterly in the cream pots was applied all over the eyelids, and was described by Rodriguez as

nail varnish on the eyelids

4. He drew the eyeliner with a 209 brush with Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner.

5. Coffee Eye Pencil was rubbed on top of the eyeliner and smudged to give it a smokier, sex appeal.

6. Espresso eyeshadow and Coffee Eye pencil was smudged underneath as well.

7. To soften the socket line, Omega eye shadow was used in he crease to soften out the corners.

8. Pablo used #20 lashes only in the corner of the eyes.

9. The eyebrows were given a more textured look by using Lingering Eyebrow Pencil to fill in the brows. #266 angle brush was dipped in a grayish brown eyeshadow that went all over the eyebrows to create more depth.

10. The model was asked to open her mouth softly. This was a tip from Pablo on finding the cheekbones. Quarry eyeshadow was softly brushed onto the sides of the cheekbone.

11. Select Cover up concealer was used as a lipstick and patted down by his fingers.

12. Stone Lip pencil was lined only on the outer corners of the lips to create a fuller,more pouty lip shape.

13. The palest concealer shade was used above the cheekbones as a highlighter.

14. Last but not least, blot powder was pressed on the centre of the face to get rid if any excess shine.

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