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MakeOver time with Inglot Eyeshadows

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Here I used a combination of silver shadow mixed with a deep purple at the corners only. I used a natural brown all over the crease so that the purple didn’t look too strong on the crease. All eyeshadows used are available from Inglot stores.
The eyeshadows are quite intense so make sure you brush off any excess before directly applying it on the eyes. I did notice some eyeshadow fallout from Inglot eyeshadows so using a base like the MUFE aqua creams beforehand will make your eyeshadow application a lot easier.

I also applied the gel black eyeliner from Inglot all around the eyes and was surprised at how easy the application was. Usually gel eyeliners can come off as quite thick and it just makes it harder to apply eyeliner but this was so not the case. The consistency was tres smooth, and the best part is, is that it doesn’t cake your brush up. I find that most gel eyeliners actually ruin your angle or eyeliner brushes over time, but the texture of Inglot’s gel eyeliner was so creamy that all it took was one swipe to clean my brush. Yaaay!!!

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