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Makeup brushes by Real techniques

posted by October 22, 2012 21 Comments

My 1st stash of brushes by Real Techniques

I recently heard about Real Techniques from a client of mine and through my makeup artist friend, Tonee, who like me, is a total make-up and brush junkie. These are available at Boots in the UK, and since my best friend was making a visit down from London, I naturally ordered myself a double set ! 🙂

Unfortunately these are still not available in the UAE, but Aramex has a Ship and Shop program and the shipping costs are averagely priced. I’ve been following Samantha and her sister Nic, on for a while now and was hooked on their youtube channel for a few years now.  Knowing that these brushes were made from an Artist perspective, you just can’t go wrong. You don’t have to be a PRO to buy or love these brushes ! The packaging behind has a mini description of how to use them with tips and techniques. I recently used them on one of my make-up appts and I instantly felt that they buffed the foundation into the skin better. So far my favourite brush is the Setting brush. It sets the powder into the skin with just the right amount, and is small enough to get into the little creases in the skin, particularly underneath the eye. I usually give my brushes a good wash with shampoo and mild water after a long day of appointments. However, with these brushes, I suggest that you don’t wash them as much as they did absorb quite a lot of shampoo and took a while to get all the lather of the shampoo off.

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