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March Beauty Favorites

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March is almost over so I wanted to do a quick recap on my favorite beauty picks ! The shift from Winter to Spring has really taken a toll on my skin and I needed extra products to bring some life back in.

March Beauty Favorites 2016

My skin usually gets super dry no matter how much I try to hydrate my body internally and externally during winter, so my beauty routine usually needs to be turned up by at least two notches !

I recently invested in a few NIP+FAB products and so far so good ! Everyone on Instagram has been raving about the brand esp after ‘Kylie Jenner’ was announced as the official Brand Ambassador so I wanted to check if it was worth all the hype.

First off, this is a sister company of Rodial (which is more luxury), just like how Chanel and Bourjois come from the same family line. One brand attracts luxury and a higher end clientele and the latter is for mass.

The Nip+Fab Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix is really unlike any other night creams I’ve tried. It has a creamish color tone and the texture is super smooth with a gel like feel to it, opposed to creamier textures that most night creams have. Due to the gel like consistency, it does feel a bit tacky on the skin but I like the whole hydrated feel that I get especially after a long day of madness. There’s a smooth refreshing feel to the Night Fix and I have felt my skin feel a lot smoother the following morning. This is a 50ML tub and retails for 159AED from , however I got it for like £10 from the SuperDrug store in the UK as they had a promo with other NIP+FAB products. I’m pretty to used to skincare products that retail for at least 150AED/$30 and more so either way, I think there’s a lot of value for the price that you pay.

I received the Kiehl’s avocado eye treatment as a Christmas gift and yes, I’ve only started using it now and I am really pleased with the after effects so far. I was not impressed by the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery eye cream. It didn’t do anything for me ! However the Avocado eye treatment is super moisturizing ! Anything to get rid of those mini fine lines ( aah the perks of being in your 30’s) ! Remember to gently pat in your eye creams to help reduce puffiness. The tapping of your ring finger around your eye area will increase stimulation therefore helping the blood to pass through blood vessels, reducing the bluish/green darkness that you usually find underneath.

I like to keep my makeup super easy, more like lazy ! But unless I’m glamming myself up for a makeup post, I barely wear any makeup on a daily. But the 2 makeup products I’ve been obsessing over lately are the MaxFactor Face Infinity Primer and the Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara.

I’m usually too lazy to use a makeup primer on myself, I always do with clients, but on myself, I usually just jump straight into foundation. The *MAXFACTOR Facefinity primer, though is one primer that still hangs around my makeup table. When I’m on a makeup glam expedition, this is one primer I tend to lean to. It’s a pretty simple, no fuss primer that just seeps into your skin and makes the skin smoother instantly, and who doesn’t want smoother skin? It helps to hold the makeup in really well and it’s not over silico-ney like most primers, which I actually prefer. If I want my makeup to hold up for hours and still keep it looking dry and smooth, this is the Primer that ticks all the boxes for me.

I received the *Givenchy Noir Couture Black mascara at an event and it was instant love. All the drama I need are in my lashes and this mascara did exactly that ! It thickens the lashes without clumping and is super volumizing ! You can forget wearing a pair of falsies with this mascara and this is why it’s made it to my March Beauty Favorites.

You can’t have great makeup without the right tools, and I have been a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes since they first launched in 2011. So much so, that I actually stock them at my e-store This powder setting brush is from the Duo Fibre set and I luurrrvvvveeeeee them ! Not only are they inexpensive but they serve their purpose very well and makes the application on your face feel super smooth and easy. This particular Duo Fibre brush is great for setting powder particularly underneath the eye area. Contrary to what most ppl think, setting your under eye area with loose or translucent powder will not increase fine lines. Not setting it at all or improperly will !

Last but not least my last March beauty favorites is the MAC Dolce Vita lipstick. It’s an older shade but it has a reddish brown matte texture and I’ve been loving this shade up lately. It’s not overly red or too deep a burgundy like most shades for winter, but it has a very middle tone that can easily be worn for the day or evening.

Does your skin act up during winter time ? What changes do you usually make from winter to spring with your beauty routine ? What have been your favorites for this month ? I’d love to hear all about it !




*received as PR sales/gifts

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