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Max Factor’s Got me Whipped !

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I recently tried the latest introduction to MAX Factor’s Foundation line, the “Whipped Creme” and ooh was I pleasantly surprised ! TBH, I’ve never really been a fan of mousse or whipped FDT’s as I either find them to be quite flaky or just too drying towards the end. I am all about the Foundation. It can either make or break your entire makeup look, and lucky for us the Whipped Creme foundations are a great option for those that want hydration with a ‘demi-matte’ finish. I used the Whipped Creme on a make-over tutorial on a very Oily-skin tone, and guess what, these Whipped babies stayed on all night long without creasing ,drying the skin or making it shiny ! That means that it stays on longer with less touch ups and that in my books makes it a winner.

Max Factor whipped Creme Foundation

Another thing that I also noticed was the color tone of the foundations. I usually find Max Factor color tones to be quite pink, and here in the Middle East it’s all about the different shades of honey. The Whipped Creme FDT color tones have more of neutral golden base which work better for women in this region. There are 11 shades in total, but I’ve done a color swatch of 5 of their shades. These retail for an average of 79AED and you can find them in Boots, Beauty Bay in CentrePoint and Debenhams.

The texture is super smooth and creamy, and I totally find that less is more with the Whipped Creme’s. You barely need a dollop of foundation to spread around the entire face and there isn’t much need to set with loose or translucent powder. The overall effect is a soft matte finish that feels lightweight  and hydrated at the same time. What more can a girl that lives in a desert ask for ?

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