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Depotting with Motives

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My usual eye makeup stash is from MAC but I recently invested in a bunch of Motives makeup particularly their eyeshadows. Every major MUA on Instagram seems to be using their Makeup line so I naturally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed.

On the website, the eyeshadows are sold as a whole, there were no options for refills so I knew I’d be investing some time depotting them into my ZPalettes.

I initially tried to google and youtube ‘how to depot Motives eyeshadows’ and I literally found none online ! And it’s all within good reason. Motives eyeshadows have definitely been created with the Artist community in mind.

Depotting Motives Eyeshadows

Depotting Motives Eyeshadows

When you turn the eyeshadows back, the label on the back has a small sign that says Lift Here. So as I slowly lifted the label sticker off I noticed a hole ! All I had to do was insert a needle and guess what I now have an eyeshadow refill. Simple as ABC ! The Motives eyeshadow packaging is so sturdy and really good looking that I actually saved my covers just incase I wanted to put my eyeshadows back in.

Depotting - Motives Eyeshadows

These eyeshadows have a magnetic backing so when you fix them into your ZPalettes, they instantly stick. There’s no need to use any magnetic stickers. The labels for the Motives Eyeshadows were really easy to pull off but still sticky at the same time, so all I did was cut the names off and stuck it to the back of the eyeshadow pans. This way I’d save myself from forgetting what their names are.

Depotting, Motives EyeshadowsI’ll def be adding more into my Motives collection. The eyeshadows are super creamy and the color payoff is just fantastic !

I ordered the blushes as well. Tbh they’re a lot smaller than I expected. They looked bigger on the webstore so I was kinda shocked with their sizes. I guess I’m so used to the fuller blush pan sizes from MAC. I do hope Motives reconsiders their Blush sizes and make them a little larger in the future.  Asides from that lil bummer, the blushes are just as long lasting and pigmented as the eyeshadows. I ordered 3 soft hues of peachy pink blushes to complement my bridal makeup collection, and I can’t wait to add more.


*ZPalettes can be found on :

MUA’s can also apply for a 30%discount – just check out the PRO page 🙂


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