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Max Factor’s Color Corrector sticks have got it Right !

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I was super excited to get these chubby pencils in my mail ! Color Corrector Sticks, who doesn’t need these???

Max Factor Color Corrector Sticks were recently launched a few months back and are now available all over the UAE. These chubby corrector sticks are you’re absolute go to product for quick fixes in problem areas. What I love about them is that you:

(A) You do not have to be a Makeup PRO to use these- every stick has it’s feature labeled. Clear and simple.

(2) The pencil form is just perfect for applying at problem areas directly – no fuss , no mess.

(3)  You can carry these everywhere ! You can even pop them in your purse and they are perfect for touchups.

Max Factor's Color Corrector sticks


The Max Factor CC sticks come in 6 variations.

1. The Green Corrector – this neutralizes redness. This is a absolute essential if you’re prone to redness or reddish spots/acne. Apply these on the reddish areas directly, give you’re skin a minute or so to allow the Green corrector to neutralize and balance and then apply your concealer on top.

2. The Purple Corrector- this will instantly revitalize your skin and get rid of any dullness or yellowy areas.

3. The Highlighter – this is a subtle creamy highlight that will instantly brighten up your features. Great to use above your cheekbones, underneath your eyebrows and even on your upper lip  to create a sexier pout. This highlighter isn’t over shimmery so this would even look great during the day.

4. The Pink Corrector- this is excellent for hiding dark spots (lighter skin tones). This is also a good option for those that have slight pigmentation , especially in areas around the mouth.

*5. The Yellow Corrector – acts as a brightener and is perfect for neutralizing the under eye area that tend to have a lot of purply bluish tones.

*6. The Peach Corrector – this hides dark spots just like the Pink corrector but is dedicated to Asian/Arab/Hispanic skin tones. So if you have a more beige/yellow undertone this corrector will be more effective in covering your pigmentation and darker spots.

Max Factor CC sticks SwatchesMy most fav thing about these CC sticks, is guess what, you don’t need to look around for a sharpener ! You can just twist the end of these chubby sticks and voila !

For those that aren’t aware, the Creative Director for Max Factor is Pat McGrath. She is a Makeup Guru and in my eyes an icon to us artists. She’s been in the industry for years and has been creating looks for all the top designers. You know you’re in good hands when you’ve got a genius like her creating products for the brand. These CC sticks were used backstage all over London Fashion Week.

They are super easy to use, you actually don’t even need any extra brushes or tools to apply them. You can simply apply them directly to the areas that need correcting and just blend in with your finger tips !

Within the UAE, you can find Max Factor all over Debenhams, Centrepoint and Beauty Bay stores.

*swatches not available.


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