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Nimue Mesotherapy Treatment at The Cure

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I’ve been in love with Mesotherapy treatments since I first tried them over 3 years ago, so I was super thrilled to get a Nimue Mesotherapy treatment at The Cure in Dubai Media City a few days back.

The Cure is located in the same building as the BBC, and there’s a huge parking lot in front, which makes it very accessible to get to.

The Cure Dubai Media City

For those of you that haven’t tried mesotherapy or aren’t aware of what this treatment does, this is a facial treatment used to boost or rejuvenate the skin by injecting vitamins into the top epidermis layer of the skin. If you feel like your skin has lost its elasticity, looks tired and dull, or even saggy, mesotherapy is a great pick me up. The results don’t show immediately, in fact it takes about 2/3 days for the skin to come to it’s true potential so if you have a major event and need a quick pick me up, schedule your mesotherapy appointment atleast 2 days in advance.

I fell in love with mesotherapy because my skin felt smoother, brighter, and I felt that my cheeks flushed more naturally. It’s generally recommended to take it as a treatment of 5/6 sessions in a period of 2/3 months to truly maximize the skin’s results.

So going back to my Nimue Mesotherapy treatment at The Cure, it takes about 40-45 mins and just like any beauty treatment it’s best to come in barefaced. I was treated by Anna, the main beauty technician that handles all the mesotherapy treatments. All the skincare products used for this treatment are from Nimue, I actually invested in their cleansing regime a few months back. Nimue is a great skincare brand but you have to stick to ALL their steps, as each step complements the other.

Anna started off by cleaning my skin with the Nimue Cleansing gel, all the way to my neck and décolletage. Once the cleaning process was done, she used the Exfoliating enzyme on me (this is the one that I have) it’s a chemical exfoliator that removes the dead skin cells so expect a slight tingling sensation. She then cooled my skin by using the Conditioner Tonic as it contains 7% Alpha Hydroxy acid complex ( for skin exfoliation and renewal), and helps  to accelerate the skin rejuvenation process.

Nimue mesotherapy The Cure

For this particular mesotherapy treatment, Anna used a derma roller, it basically looks like a thumbnail version of a paint roller but it has these tiny needles all over it. The derma roller is rolled over sections of the face first, and once she’s rolled over a particular section she immediately massages a concoction of vitamins and plant extracts on top.

Nimue mesotherapy The cure

The concept behind mesotherapy is that the mini needling or injections help stimulate and rejuvenate the skin faster with longer lasting results. My previous mesotherapy sessions before used a derma pen, and I barely felt any pricking.

This time though with the derma roller, I did feel the mini needles roll through my skin. I won’t lie, it did hurt ! I did ask Anna to reduce the pressure, as I mentally did not anticipate any discomfort to take place. I believe I have quite a high tolerance to pain, so I would definitely recommend that you ask for a numbing cream to be applied at the very beginning.

Once all the  micro-needling was over and done with and everything was massaged into my face and neck, Anna applied the Nimue Aftercare Hydrator on top and finished the treatment by patting my face with SPF 40 sunblock.

Nimue mesotherapy The Cure

My skin did feel and look better the day after. I felt like my pores looked smaller and my face definitely felt smoother. I would go back for another session but I’d definitely ask for that numbing cream to sink in first 🙂

The Nimue Mesotherapy session costs 650AED but if you go for the 6 session package, one session is basically free !

For more info about The Cure, you can visit them online on The Cure DMC or call them on +9714 391 6485.





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