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Shrinking Violet Weight Loss Body Wrap

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I’m always on the lookout for new treatments to try and I had the opportunity of experiencing the new Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap at The Nail Spa at Mercato mall last week.

First off, let me say that I don’t do diets, I do try to hit up my Pilates classes at least twice a week if work’s not too hectic, I stay away from junk food (most of the time) and overall I’m pretty active. But after giving birth, and that too, having a C-section, my tummy has been the hardest area for me to get back into shape and my arms (fat has decided to permanently vacate in what should be my triceps). So naturally I was super excited to try out the Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap. Anything that can help you lose a few inches in an hour’s time is worth trying !

I was informed by my therapist to not consume any caffeine products the day of my appointment, and to only have a light meal at least 3 hrs before the treatment. One of the key products in the Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap is Soya beans as it helps break down cellulite and fat. So if you’re allergic to soya beans then the therapists will decline  from treating you as they have to rub the oils all over your body.

The first step of the process is to be measured so that you can see if there is any definite change in weight loss. As I stood there, with arms and legs apart, being measured all over, it kinda felt like a trip to the tailors. Once that was over (I did not want to know those numbers) the therapist started buffing my body. She informed me that the buffing would stimulate the process of breaking the fats easier and quicker. She then rubbed me down with oils that was a combination of Soya bean oil and lavender extract, and was even kind enough to add a little extra on my tummy and arms as these were my key areas of concern.

Once that was all done, out came the cling film wraps, and no these are not the ones that you get from your local supermarket. I did feel like a mummy once it was all done, and I could instantly feel my body get itchy which my therapist said was completely normal. It just meant that the treatment was already in full affect and kicking in. I was supposed to lay all wrapped up for about 30-35 mins so I opted for an express mini facial to pass time. The facial did not involve any steaming or extraction, which I didn’t mind. I’ve never tried Heaven skincare products before this but after the trip to The Nail Spa, I am seriously deciding on going back and adding a few of their products to my skincare regime, especially after finding out that it’s a completely natural and organic skincare line. I was so relaxed during the entire session that I caught myself snoring a few times too many !

I was brought back to reality when my therapist started cutting the wraps off of my legs, belly and finally my arms. I was surprised to see my body covered in sweat which I was told was a very good sign. Once, I was wiped down, I was made to get off the table and measured again. To my surprise, I actually shed 8.5cms across my entire body, the most was around my right leg and my stomach. I had only lost 1 cm each on both arms. Overall, I was pleased with the results. All I did was lay there, get pampered while managing to get a great power nap in. I instantly felt dehydrated and was told that I needed to stock up on fluids for the next couple of days. The Nail Spa recommends at least 5 sessions a month, where you start off with 2 sessions a week and then gradually reducing the sessions.

I definitely think it’s worth a try, especially for those that don’t sweat much on a daily basis. This is a great option if you tend to have higher levels of water retention and are prone to bloating. But of course, like any weight loss treatment, it is essential to eat right and maintain some regular form of physical activity to maximize the results.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is 650AED per session but right now The Nail spa is having a promo where you can buy four and get one free treatment for 2600AED and the add on express mini facial was only 100AED.

For appointments please call: 600 544 001 or you can visit

Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap Shrinking Violet weight loss body wrap



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