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SK-II Magic Ring Skin Test Consultation

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I recently had the chance to attend the SK-II event at Dubai Mall, opp Zara on Sunday, and was really excited to have my skin analyzed by their 5D Skin Test Machine. I’m a Makeup artist by Profession, but when it comes to myself I am an absolute skincare addict; something that my mom taught me at a young age. I’ve always read about SK-II and heard reviews from Clients that use it, but I’ve personally never tried their products.

The podium had private areas for consultations and I was greeted by my Therapist, Elisa. She gave me a little overview on the SK-II Pitera Range, and they’re overly popular Facial Treatment Essence.

She gently cleansed half of my face first with the Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. She massaged the Cleansing Oil in circular motions and then spritzed water on cotton pads to remove any excess makeup. I’ve never known of any cleansing routine that could feel so relaxing. I instantly felt a wave of relaxation all over my face and body. This was just the very 1st step and it already felt so good !

SK-II dubai IMG_3502

After Elisa removed my makeup, she introduced me to one of the latest technologies that SK-II have; the Magic Ring. This is exclusively available in all SK-II counters, available in Paris Gallery in the UAE. Your skin basically gets tested through its 5 layers and will give you an understanding of your skin’s “true age” ,wrinkle resilience, spot control, firmness and radiance. The info is then all added into a laptop to give you your final results.

IMG_3503 IMG_3504 IMG_3505

I scored pretty well and my Skin Age was narrowed down to 20years !!! Hah, not bad for a 32 year old ! Thank you Mom, all that extra moisturizing I did in my late teens really did pay off. I was told that my skin is a bit rough, something I was already aware off as my skin does get very dry particularly in Winter. She then went back to cleaning the other side of my face and started to guide me on the products best for my Skin.


Elisa doused the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion in cotton pads and gently pressed it on my skin. My skin instantly felt cool and refreshed. The best way to use the Clear Lotion is to start at the centre of the face and then to continue wiping from the chin towards the jawline and cheeks. Using this method helps the Skin to absorb the products fully and deeply. She then took a dab of the Essential Power Cream and massaged it onto my face. Aah, I was in Heaven. My skin instantly felt plump and hydrated, and I had an overall feeling of calmness. I guess I’ll be breaking the bank on my next cheque on SK-II goodies. Anything that makes you feel this good, is worth it ! Look at Cate Blanchett, she’s their Brand Ambassador and has been an avid user of the brand for more than 12 years.




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