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Skin Prep with Dermalogica

posted by zsquaredxb February 8, 2016 0 comments

I am an absolute skincare advocate and addict so imagine how ecstatic I was to see a bunch of my fav Dermalogica products waiting at home for me ! I love getting facials done in Spas and salons that use Dermalogica so to actually have more of these awesome goodies on my bathroom counter just makes life even more wonderful.

Dermalogica DubaiPreviously, I was already using Dermalogica’s Skin Soothing Cream and their PreCleanse ( cleansing oil ) and their Special Cleansing Gel. All of which are great for those with normal to dry skin tones.

This time round I received the Precleanse wipes ( pre-moistened wipes) perrrfect for traveling and satchets of the Daily resurfacer. As the name suggests, it basically helps to resurface the skin so think of this as part of your exfoliating regime. If you’ve had a crazy week and really want to give your skin a little detox during the weekend, this helps get to get rid of impurities and clogged pores.

I also received another bottle of the Precleanse ! Yaayyyyy….one can never have too many of these. I love oils and I love how they make my skin feel after. The best way to use the Dermalogica PreCleanse is on dry skin, massage a few drops onto your hands and gently massage them onto your face in circular motions. After a few seconds, lightly wet your fingers and go back to massaging your face. Once mixed with water, the oil then emulsifies and turns into a milky formula. Always rinse off with warm water so that you can close back those pores.

This time round I was sent a few products from their AGE SMART line as I expressed my concern on anti-aging products. Listen, once you hit that 30 mark you gotta be on the ball when it comes to your skin. No excuses and no shortcuts.

I received the *Super Rich Repair which contains Shea butter and Oil of Evening Primrose. Shea Butter is known for it’s moisturizing properties and there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to your body and skin. The drier your skin, the easier it will age and look older, and that’s a fact. People that have oilier skin tones may have to battle issues like acne and breakouts but their skin always ‘looks’ firmer than those that have dry skin.

The Dermalogica *Overnight Retinol Repair was also sent across and this includes a mini 4ML tube of the buffer cream. These two are meant to go hand in hand. As the ‘overnight’ suggests, this would be part of your night time routine. Retinol, if most of you don’t know, is a derivative of Vitamin A, which helps the stimulation of skin cell turnover. The results tend to take some time but are known to be highly effective. However, a lot of ppl do find that Retinol can be quite strong on their skin, so make sure that you don’t use this after a waxing or exfoliation session, and start off with smaller amounts. Here, Dermalogica recommends using the Overnight Retinol Repair cream mixed in with the Buffer Cream to help the skin get accustomed to the Retinol. After a couple of uses when you’re skin has adjusted to the retinol then you can use the Overnight Retinol Repair on its own or mixed in with a prescribed Dermalogica moisturizer.

Last but not least, I also received a 5ml tube of the Multivitamin Power Firm, also part of their AGE SMART line. I used this before and oh man, it’s like butter. I would use this particularly around my eyes and lightly on my neck as well right before I’d fall asleep. Our bodies recharge themselves at night so it’s majorly important that you use the stronger more potent creams and oils as part of your night care routine.




*I have physically not tried these yet so I have only given a basic description and explanation to what the product does. I will be doing a separate review once I’ve tried and tested them.



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