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Smoky Eyes and Nude lips

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Here is another tutorial inspired by Lilly Ghalichi’s makeup of Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips.

I’ve also put together some of the essential products needed to create this look. This is one of my favorite looks, and it looks better when everything is kept more neutral. Even though the focus has been kept on the eyes, every part of the face has been focused on. The face has been contoured with a bronzed touch, the eyebrows have been shaped and defined, and the lips were given a sexy pout.

Lilly Ghalichi Inspired Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips

Lilly Ghalichi Inspired Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips






1. I used Benefit’s Porefessional on the middle of the face and then spritzed the skin with MAC Fix +.

2. Since I was doing a smoky eye, I decided to work on the eyes first so that I could wipe off any eyeshadow fall out after. I added some concealer in the corners of the eyes to balance and even out any darkness. Then with a flat #242 MAC brush I applied MUFE aqua cream color in Steel all over the eyelids. I then started working with eyeshadows from Inglot. I didn’t want to make the eye makeup very over powering so I kept the eyeshadow as a smoky grayish brown. Also, I made sure the focus of the darkness was on the eyelid only and did not reach above the crease. NYX jumbo pencil in black was lined all over the lash line and smudged with a dark grey shadow.

3. Lashes – Any one that knows Lilly Ghalichi’s makeup knows that it’s about 2 things – Lashes and a hella lot of Contouring. I mixed 2 completely contrasting lash styles. I’m obsessed with stacking up lashes and by adding Individuals just in the gaps you create an almost 3D lash effect. The eyes instantly pop and look bigger immediately.

Smoky eye makeup essentials

Smoky eye makeup essentials



4. Eyebrows – were brushed in first with a brow brush and with a a large Angle brush, I drew and filled the eyebrows with MUFE Aqua Brow in Dark Brown & Brown Black. I mixed the 2 shades in before filling in the eyebrows.

5. Now for the face; here I highlighted and contoured using very minimal foundation as the model already had really good skin. I must’ve used just about 2 drops of FDT all over. I just made sure I blended everything in perfectly. Like I said earlier, even though this is a slightly dramatic evening makeup look, less is definitely more. You don’t want to look overdo product usage on the skin and look cakey. Since I use concealer palettes like Graftobian’s HD creme glamour palette in Warm to contour and highlight, I honestly don’t feel the need to really use any FDT and that’s why I opted for Benefit’s  Flawless WOW Oxygen FDT. It’s super lightweight but has just the right amount of consistency and coverage.


The key products here are :

Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder in Banana – used underneath the eye and left to ‘cake’ for a few mins

MAC Mineralize Powder in Dark – used as a bronzer all over the face

Benefit’s Sunbeam – once all the FDT was blended in with the contour, this was tapped only on the high planes on the cheeks

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo – used for contouring on the nose and chin

Benefit’s Flawless WOW Oxygen FDT  was blended in with the contour and highlight from the Graftobian HD creme glamour palette in Warm.

6. Once I had contoured & highlighted, I blended everything out using a stippling brush. I spritzed MAC Fix + onto the brush before blending to make the skin smooth and dewy.

7. After blending the contour and highlight, I dabbed Banana powder from Ben Bye underneath the eye , on top of the eyebrows, on top of the upper lip and middle of the nose. I let it to ‘cake’ and settle itself. I brushed everything off using a Dome brush from Real Techniques except for the under eye area. I used a damp Beauty Blender and pressed and dabbed the powder into the skin. I use this method particularly on my brides particularly because of all the picture taking. It helps brighten up the eyes and looks great in pictures.

8. I dabbed Benefit’s Sun Beam highlighter with a flat concealer brush on top of the cheek bones.

9. Brushed MAC Mineralize Dark Powder all around the face and used it to sculpt the cheeks.

10. With a blush brush I tapped Peaches from MAC onto the apples of the cheeks very softly. I didn’t want anything to overpower the eyes so I made sure everything used on the face was as neutral toned as possible.

11. Lips were lined by Stripdown Lip Pecil from MAC and ELF Lip liner in Natural was applied all over the lips.


It’s  crazy but even though this is a Lilly Ghalichi inspired makeup look, the more and more I look at my model, I just feel like she’s transformed into one of Kim’s K’s looks ! Just my thoughts on that ! I hope you all enjoyed this one !





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