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Summer Favs with NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks

posted by zsquaredxb August 21, 2015 0 comments

I’ve been using NYX for years now and they keep winning me over. I was in the Philippines last month and was so surprised to find out that they actually had a stand alone NYX store, so naturally I made sure I stocked up on the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks.

I picked 4 of these super creamy lipsticks and for all those Kylie Jenner fans, these colors should most definitely be introduced to your makeup stash.


These have to be by far by favorite neutral shades perfect for the day and night.

NYX extra creamy round lipstick

The names were made for these shades ! Seriously how can you go wrong when your lipstick is called Hermes ???

Hermes – Neutral Creamy Brown

B52 – Brown/Pink with a hint of mauve

Heather – Pink Mauve

Perfect – Neutral Beige Brown

IMG_2363As the title suggests, these are sooo creamy I can’t believe it’s not butter ! I do suggest that you pat them down with some loose powder or blot with a tissue before leaving your house, to prevent any smudging from occurring. Also, since the weather here is unbearably hot almost 300 days of the year, I would definitely not recommend leaving these lippies in your car, as I said they’re super creamy and I’m guessing that means they’ll melt even faster !

Overall, these shades are absolutely perfect for everything, and NYX is priced perfectly to suit all budgets. It’s definitely one of my fav cosmetic brands that’s totally underrated. It’s us Makeup overs that truly understand how amazing this brand is !


In the Philippines, you can find NYX in SM North Edsa Shopping Mall, Manila.

Here in the UAE, NYX is available in all Lifestyle Stores in all the major shopping malls.



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