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Urban Decay NAKED ILLUMINATED Shimmering Powder For Face And Body

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A girlfriend of mine was visiting Miami for a week, so I naturally scrambled to find products for her to get me. Look, if you’re friends with a makeup artist, our makeup shopping lists come with the territory ! But, yes, I’m super lucky to have girlfriends that are so accommodating to my Makeup lists. She gave me a head’s up that she’d be making a stop to the ULTA store, so I quickly jumped online to find something that I probably wouldn’t be able get here and this is how I stumbled upon the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering powder. Urban Decay NAKED ILLUMINATED  Shimmering Powder

This baked dome shaped highlighter, which can be used for the Face and Body is the holy grail of highlighters for people that like serious bling ! If you are not a fan of shimmer or sparkles, stay away because we are talking about some bad ass bling here.

The packaging come with a flat semi domed brush which is actually great for highlighting cheek bones and even your collar bone. The brush included is quite soft so the deposit of the shimmer can either be quite intense or delicate depending on what kind of brush you use.

NAKED ILLUMINATED - Shimmering Powder For Face And Body

NAKED ILLUMINATED Shimmering Powder For Face And Body

While playing around with this Shimmering Powder, I felt like this would be better suited to be used on the eyelids, near the tear ducts and on the body, not so much on the cheekbones. This highlighter does have some sparkly bits but it’s still a calm subtle sparkle, not cheap looking or overly glittery.

I love highlighters that make your skin look ‘wet’ , like you’re glowing from within. I love making my client’s look like they have that ‘natural glow’, not like they’re naturally sparkling, and thats a big difference.

So yes this is a lovely product to have but you do need to handle it with some caution if you plan on using it on your face.

The Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for the Face & Body comes in two shades: Luminous (which is the one I’ve swatched – a soft champagne gold) and Aura ( more of a pink gold shimmer).

I’m not too sure if you can find this at Sephora stores here in the UAE as sometimes the full range isn’t carried out here, but try your luck and let me know if you do 🙂



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